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How to enjoy an erotic massage to the fullest
How to enjoy an erotic massage to the fullest

How to enjoy an erotic massage to the fullest

Massages are the allies of our busy days. Indispensable to restore the balance of our body and are minutes dedicated to the same. They provide deep relaxation, awaken the senses, purify the body and revitalize the spirit, so it is imperative to surrender to the hands of a holistic therapist or a masseur.

The aim of these treatments is to stimulate the physical, energetic, mental and emotional zones. Any pain or discomfort has a cause that can be merely physical or much deeper, thus placing it in the emotional areas; with the right erotic massage barcelona, it can be relieved and harmonized. In fact, the action of taking your hand and rubbing or pressing firmly on the painful area is an intuitive reaction that emerges to relieve pain and tension. With time and new knowledge, spa treatments have advanced and techniques for satisfying tastes and needs have multiplied. From the following menu of massages, choose which one suits your body best.

Most popular types of massages

  • Erotic massages: This type of massage is one of the clients’ favorites because it allows them to enjoy the therapist’s treatment to the fullest. It is a very intimate massage and connects all levels between the two people.
  • Sports massage: A perfect choice after a walk or exercise. Improves circulation by working with therapeutic oils, deep pressure and stretching. It is also done to prepare an athlete for competitive purposes before, during and after physical activity.
  • Manual lymphatic drainage: It is a massage modality that favors the functioning of the lymphatic system, fundamental for the efficient work of the immune system. It is applied by means of a determined series of manual manoeuvres, very smooth, based on a deep study of the anatomy of the lymphatic system. The movements have the purpose of draining or displacing the lymph that for any reason is stagnant.
  • Digitopuncture: This is a therapeutic massage technique that follows principles similar to acupuncture, with the difference that it uses thumbs, hands, fingers, and elbows to apply pressure on certain points of the body, instead of needles. It is indicated for both the prevention of diseases and their treatment. The main causes of consultation with a digital pressure therapist are usually: insomnia, contractures, digestive discomfort, depression, skin problems and stress.
  • Couples: It is a moment of relaxation next to a loved one. The idea is that both people relax and live together the sensory experience of a massage. To make it romantic you can use essential oils with floral aromas and decorate the space with candles. The spa offers this option and has rooms equipped with two stretchers.
  • Gestalt massage: Characterized by a combination of short movements and long movements that involve the whole body. Although relaxation is one of the effects of massage, the main objective of gestalt massage is to increase body awareness through breathing.
  • Hot and Cold Stones: Rhythmic massage techniques and the healing power of hot stones are mixed with nourishing oils for a rejuvenating effect. The stones, hot or cold, contain a series of minerals such as zinc and phosphorus, which work in the reconstruction of skin cells. Other benefits are: it unifies, coordinates and integrates body and mind; it also fights stress, fatigue, helps you sleep better and reduces anxiety levels.
  • Chiromassage: Its literal meaning is hand massage, i. e. no electro-mechanical instrument is used. It comes from the word “quiro”, which in Greek means hand and massage (kneading) which consists of pressing, rubbing or beating rhythmically for therapeutic, sports, aesthetic purposes, whose benefit is to relieve pain and revitalize the body.
  • Relaxing massage: Fixes your attention to release the accumulated tension, is applied slowly and with a firm and progressive pressure. Its effect is to relax and decrease muscle tone, through the movements of massage that makes the person who applies it. The most important thing when performing this type of massage is to act on the points of tension of the receiver, performing the maneuvers in the areas of tension.