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The importance of the table for massages
The importance of the table for massages

The importance of the table for massages

A massage table is one of the largest investments a professional will make in your massage business. This purchase is not meditated as much as it deserves, especially by novices in the field. A massage table is a crucial tool for a good treatment. It affects the comfort of your client and the mechanics of your body, two very important things. This purchase needs reflection and investigation.

There are many options out there and I want you to avoid the mistakes that myself and others have made, as well as give you some advice on what you should look for during your erotic massage search barcelona. You need to consider your work / modality, future plans, office space, clients and budget. A table that is perfect for you is not going to be perfect for your classmate and your clients.

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I know it is impossible for those of you who are just beginning to know where you can be in a couple of months or years, how your new clients will be or what your experience in the modality will be like. Whatever your choice, make a good investment now and buy a table that will help you be more effective with your work and help you maintain excellent body mechanics.

Experienced massage therapists frequently comment on Facebook about how they waited too long to buy a quality table that would have benefited their body and practice. If things are in the air, buy a good portable table. If you are more established in your location and modality, buy a good stationary or electric table.

* Know the clients of massages: Do they have mobility problems that will need a low table and that complies with the ADA? Are they great athletes who need a wider table? Are spa clients getting excited when half the table rises?

* Workplace: Will you go to homes, businesses or will you stay in your office? Will you share this table with other professionals and will you need something easy to change height, such as an electric lift table? What types of modalities do you use or plan to use? Ashiatsu will require a heavier workload and a wider table, shiatsu will require shiatsu cables that allow the table to lie flat on the floor, and those of your client with (or planning to get) aesthetic licenses may need half of your table to get up while your client is supine.

* Types of tables: Now that we have an idea of ​​you, your company and your clients, we can cover the three main types of tables. I will list the advantages and disadvantages of each and other things that you should consider during your search.

Portable tables
Stationary Tables
Elevation Tables / Hydraulic / Electrical

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