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New trends in graphic design for 2018
New trends in graphic design for 2018

New trends in graphic design for 2018

One of the main characteristics of graphic design, and in particular digital art, has to do with the fact that what is called a graphic design trend, will evaporate as quickly as it has emerged in the sector. In other words, what is imposed is intended to be replaced in a very short time.

It can be said that what in recent years seems modern, will soon be seen as a totally outdated design strategy. Now, beyond the above, we are going to focus on what can be considered a trend at the moment.

Latest trends in graphic design

According to the people most involved in the sector, this is a time when trends are pointing to the craziest, most experimental, creative, or wildly imaginative designs. While it is possible that at first part of these designs were a total surprise, it is also likely that many of them have already been seen before or even anticipated. Listed below are some of the trends that are likely to be most relevant for the coming months.

  • Glitch Effect – The corrupt image as some people know it. Although at one time it was quite annoying for the spectator, at present it is becoming a trend that likes and even consults. It is the fans of horror films who have become more familiar with this style.

  • Ruined Effect – Contemporary graphic designers are known to be obsessed with the art of destruction, at least that’s what they say. In that sense, when you splash, spider, breaker and the like to ruin the aesthetics of a composition, you can like it.

  • Color channels effect – Consists of matching the color channels. This is a technique with which a great illusory effect can be achieved. It is then a type of holography, hallucination or otherwise a distorted reality. In general terms, it is one of the most rigorously imposed styles.

  • Double exposure – It can be said with complete confidence that 2018 is the time for this style to prevail. Despite the fact that some designers have abandoned this technique for a while, it can be seen increasingly on the rise.

  • Creative Typography – Creative typography is one of the leading strategies for trend making in 2018. Imagination is the most important thing in this case to impress.