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Is the establishment gonna change soon?
Is the establishment gonna change soon?

Is the establishment gonna change soon?

One of the questions that has become quite typical in recent times has to do with considering what factors may indicate that the world today is in danger. In other words, this refers to whether the world as we know it is indeed in danger. Many experts have analysed the situation on the basis of the foregoing and have put forward a series of scenarios that, to the extent that it can happen, will involve considerable modifications for the planet and even its destruction.

The world as we know it, in danger?

One of the alerts most often mentioned when talking about this issue is the beginning of a new world war, which in relation to technological and arms advances would have disastrous consequences for the planet. Still, some are more optimistic about mentioning that humanity will not make the mistakes of the past again. Considering the foregoing, some analysts who have taken very seriously the analysis of the possibility of a third World War, have pointed out that to the extent that a conflict arises between China and a military ally of the United States, such as Japan, it should not be surprising that the planet is on the verge of such an act of war.

Nor should we fail to emphasise the military and political alliance between Russia and China. In other words, the picture is not as peaceful as some people want to make it look, because in reality the conditions exist for the world as we know it to be seen as being in danger. However, other political scientists say that in order to experience a war of this magnitude, it is very likely that in the first instance local conflicts will be generated in different parts of the world, especially in East Asia, so that from this series of war configurations a world war will break out.

It is worth mentioning that there are old conflicts between the countries mentioned, where it is worth mentioning the dispute between Japan and China over the Senkaku Islands. Some authors even claim that Tokyo would find itself very interested in the existence of a war. Nor should we fail to point out the tensions in relation to the Arctic, bearing in mind that there are pretenders such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Denmark and Norway, which is an opposition to Russia.

Finally, although the above has focused on the earth itself, it must be remembered that water is an element that will surely enter into dispute and may be a determining factor for these events to occur.