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Is it really true that sex sells in advertising?
Is it really true that sex sells in advertising?

Is it really true that sex sells in advertising?

Sex in a marketing campaign can go both ways. On the one hand, it is a focus grabber. Having the ability to hold a customer’s attention in this excessively crowded world is potentially one of the most effective qualities an ad can have. Furthermore, viewing a sex-related ad is a positive as well as fulfilling experience.

On the other hand, sex can disgust people. Imagine viewing TV with your friends, associates, or family members. Suddenly, a naked female is promoting the latest fragrance by some brand name looking like a pornstar from some xvideos. You go red as well as avert your eyes. Seeing such a sexual photo makes you feel filthy. Exactly how and why does sex sell, when it can cause such different feelings in customers?

Does sex really sell?

Image of a sexually suggestive banana with a lipstick mark

The short answer is yes, sex sells. We as human beings crave sex. And, while I do not assume everyone regularly walks thinking over what we can fornicate with, research studies claim otherwise.
According to a study published in The Journal of Sex Research study, men usually think of sex 19 times each day, whereas women think of sex 10 times per day. Despite where you fall on this spectrum, considering sex 10 to 19 times per day is a substantial adequate number that would please a marketer’s interest.

When we seek to pop culture, this theme stays pretty constant, back in 2012 there was a study was done that claimed 92% of the 174 songs that made it onto Billboard’s top 10 had sexual references.
Currently, one could suggest that these 174 tunes were merely the most effective songs out at the time … yet I think or else. I think sex markets. I think sex sells songs. I assume sex sells clothes. I assume sex sells supplements. I think sex sells charm items. As well as, I believe sex sells much far more.

And also, while some might argue that the whole sex in advertising and marketing technique is usually targeted in the direction of guys as well as does not function as well on ladies, books like Fifty Shades of Grey which sold 125 million copies worldwide say otherwise.
So, the bottom line is that sex markets and also it constantly will certainly offer. Yet, I think there is a right and a wrong way to set advertising as well as sex.

What companies use sex in their advertising?

Several sorts of companies use sex in their advertisements. Some may use sex-related images to present an item like lingerie or underclothing; others could use it to talk about a clinical product like prescription medication or condoms. But some companies utilize sex entirely to get viewers’ focus. For instance, an ad for Hardee’s created debate when it featured Kate Upton seductively consuming a cheeseburger. While many individuals were discussing just how the method had nothing to do with the top quality of the cheeseburger, this approach got quite a bit of publicity.