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Hire a lawyer to protect images and designs?
Hire a lawyer to protect images and designs?

Hire a lawyer to protect images and designs?

In the first instance, it should begin by clarifying that intellectual property is a reference that refers to the exclusive rights that are granted by the State in relation to the creations of the human intellect, mainly in inventions, literary and artistic works, signs, among other designs that are part of commerce.`

Intellectual property is divided into two major groups: industrial property rights such as patents and copyright and related rights that are linked to literary and artistic works. It doesn’t have anything to do with real estate lawyer services, but it’s always sensible to hire someone who is specialised on the field. When a person puts his or her talent and creativity at the service of a work, he or she should preserve his or her rights in all circumstances, and not see them manipulated by outsiders who have not been relevant in the creation process.

Intellectual property, photographs and lawyers

Although in principle lists are not usually drawn up where the type of works that are located as protected by copyright are specified in a particular way, the truth is that photographs are protected. However, where one must be very careful, copyright protection is intended as a mechanism for covering expressions, but this does not mean that ideas, modes of operation, procedures or a mathematical concept as such are taken into account.

In any case, by means of copyright, there is an alternative to protect or not elements that can be titles, logos, problems, depending on the degree of paternity that you want to maintain on the work in question. To learn how to identify those cases in which it is worthwhile to use an attorney for intellectual property in photography, remember that copyright covers the following rights:

  • Property rights – These are the rights that allow an owner to obtain a certain financial compensation through the use of his works by third parties.

  • Moral rights – In this case, the interests that are not the author’s property are protected.

Almost always from the point of view of legislation, it is emphasized that an owner will be able to enjoy the economic rights or authorize and prevent, as the case may be, the way in which his work is used. Therefore, to the extent that any of these rights to which reference has been made is breached, the decision to have recourse to a lawyer can be started. Also, to be much clearer about the types of behaviors that can lead to making a decision of this kind, think about the following:

  1. Reproduction of the work in different forms, such as a print publication or perhaps on the Internet.

  2. A public performance or performance.

  3. Translate the work into different languages.

  4. Among other particular cases as appropriate.